September Has Come Again!

My favorite time of year is Autumn... and when September comes around it's time to start preparing for cooler weather, falling leaves, and fall decor! Woohoo! I love it! We started off September by taking Boogie  for a stroll around one of our favorite lakes, she loves to watch the ducks (and usually they have two swans... however they were missing in action this trip), running on the bridge, and throwing rocks into the water. She's getting so big and so independent, she is becoming a little girl before my eyes... my baby is a distant memory!

We had a hard time getting her to look at us for pictures... she just wanted to quack at the ducks!
Sometimes she still gives kisses... but they are few and far between these days! She's "too big" to give mommy and daddy kisses!
She was about to be naughty and go down the steps (to the left) by herself.

Throwing pebbles and rocks into the lake with daddy.
Looking for some more skipping rocks.
You can't tell... but it's getting harder to hold her on my hip. My belly is starting to get in the way!
My beautiful big girl... she gets prettier every day.
Boogie is such a joy, she drives me absolutely bonkers some days, but she truly is a precious blessing. Those big brown eyes melt me, and I imagine that when Bubby finally gets here he will have deep blue eyes like Boogie did and slowly they will be these same beautiful big brown eyes! It will be interesting to see how our family dynamics change with a little boy added to the mix. I can't wait to meet our little man!

In other news, school is becoming more overwhelming every day. I think I'm going to have to redo my schedule so that I can lessen the workload I've dealt myself. I've been playing catch up for over a week now and it's just not working. I can't possibly take care of Boogie, myself, our home, and accomplish the workload I've planned for myself. I had high hopes of being done with everything aside from my finals by the first week of October... but I may have to settle for the last week of October instead. That's still a large workload, but not nearly as much as I planned before. That is also less time to get a few things done I'd like to get done before Bubby is here. Ay yi yi!

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Amy said...

Cute photos! I love the one of her on the bridge. She's getting so big! I'm so excited fall is coming!