Beautiful Chaos

I've been absent for the past week or so... with the exception of a boredom post on Friday... I've been on vacation! It was amazing! Some days were stressful, but those are to be expected with a little one in the family, right?! This post may end up a little long, so I will apologize in advance, but I have much to update on!

Before we left on vacation we had to take Elah to a doctor's appointment, we didn't mention it to many people because we wanted to find out exactly what was going on, and what it meant for Elah. At her last checkup one of her pediatricians mentioned that she had a heart murmur, but she couldn't tell if it was innocent or not. She recommended that we see a cardiologist to get it checked out to be sure it was OK. So a few weeks ago we took her in for an echocardiogram, and Elah was a champ! She only fussed a little because of exhaustion, otherwise she was happy and cooing the entire time! They discovered that Elah has an atrial septal defect, which is essentially a type of hole in her heart that allows blood to flow back and forth into her heart chambers (if you read my friend Christa's blog, you may have read about her son Tyler having the same defect). According to Elah's cardiologist, it is small, and should heal on it's own and he has no worries that it won't. We will take her back when she is two to see if it's closing. So that's that, and all is well!

After Elah's appointment we headed off for vacation! We took our car and the Flint's volvo... we had a LOT of stuff to take between the two families (we packed lots of food as well). Miss JoyAnn rode with Elah and me, and J drove the volvo... we made pretty good time and got settled into the cabin while we waited for the Flints to arrive. Here are a few pictures of our cabin:

This was the tub in our room... wish we could have enjoyed it more, but it was LOUD, and usually by the time we could enjoy it, Elah was asleep! LOL!

Vanity w/shower and bathroom to the right

Elah hardly slept in that pack n play, so we stripped off the comforter and all 3 of us slept on the bed w/a sheet. And as you can tell, we went shopping before this picture was taken LOL

Living Room... that's Elah and myself in the chair, and Jesse on the couch.

Kitchen... the upstairs that you can see at the top of the picture was where the kid's room was located. Our room was to the left of the fridge.

Front of the cabin... there were rocking chairs and a porch swing on the front. On the back deck was the grill and a huge hot tub.

Ugh. These stairs. These stairs led downstairs... and they were steep, narrow, and a pain in the butt. The game room was down there, along w/Janelle and Nathan's room... and the boys slept outside their room. The laundry was also down there... THAT was fun!

I think we all busted our butts on those stairs atleast once, and Nathan busted his butt (and shoulder and side...) on the stairs up to the kids room.... would have been nice to have more details about the stairs of death befor reserving this cabin! BUT, we had fun, injuries and all LOL. We went to the aquarium, to the Chattanooga Choo Choo, putt-putting, the Titanic Museum, Gatlinburg, Knoxville, and bowling... and even took Elah swimming for the first time (however that trip was not so fun, the kids weren't allowed to do ANYTHING because of pool rules... ugh). I could go into more detail, but I'd rather share a ton more pictures!

My little chunky man... he's gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!

Elah was so good... even despite teething, and being a little gassy! LOL!

Monkey man is such a serious little man... but I got a few pictures of him kind of smiling!

JoyAnn cheesing... she was SOOO excited!

Sweet sweet Jesse boy... he just lights up my life... he is so kind and gentle with Elah, and he can make her laugh like NO one else!

All the kids, all 6 of them, enjoyed Ripley's Aquarium!

Me w/Boogie and the 2 smallest Flint Monsters

The long drive to Chattanooga was TOTALLY worth seeing Joseph's face when he saw the trains!

Elah slep the entire ride!

There are many more pictures, but I haven't uploaded them yet... I'm sure I'll share more soon!

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