Getting Back to Normal

Coming home from vacation sucks, not gonna lie! I hate unpacking... I hate putting things away... and I hate that Elah's schedule is SO MESSED UP. I've just now gotten around to catching up on diaper laundry... just haven't put them away... and our laundry is so piled up it's ridiculous! I've also avoided tackling all of these things by walking to my mom's house w/Elah everyday (mom is on Spring Break). Saturday, this is going to change... it HAS to change! I have stuck to our menu plan though! We aren't necessarily going in order, but we are cooking dinner every night!

On top of all the housework that needs to be done, I'm working on several crafty projects! Well... technically mom will be helping me with a lot of them, because I'm still learning some how to do some sewing projects. But here is my list:
  • Summer Dresses for Elah (maybe 3 to start with)
  • Baby legs or I call my version "Leggies"
  • Cloth Wipes
  • Cloth Breast Pads
  • Tutu... yes... and it's sparkly. Really.
  • Felt Flower Clips
  • Flower Clips
  • Nursing Cover
  • And..... I might be adding a homemade woven wrap into the mix!

Yea... that's a lot of stuff ontop of everything else, but it will get done! And did I mention that I'm about oh... 9 months behind in Elah's scrapbook(s)? I haven't even started on the pages with pictures of HER... I'm just now on the pages of my belly pictures!

Now... I must finish diaper laundry, hang the wet ones to dry, and start on the regular laundry while I have a few minutes of "mommy alone time" before Elah wakes to nurse and be changed before starting her long sleep stretch! Night!

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Samantha said...

I REALLY want to have my mom sew me a wrap! Have you found a pattern???