Boogie's First Easter

Tomorrow is Boogie's first Easter! Not that she cares, but Justin and I made her a little Easter basket with a few goodies for her. I didn't pack it, and she's already played with the toys we bought... but we just wanted to get her something for her first Easter! J has to work tomorrow of course, and mom is sick... so chances are we won't make it to church tomorrow, but that's OK. Elah loves to read... she LOVES books (and mommy is very ecstatic about that) so we will probably read the Easter story together in the morning and just play! I want to teach her what Easter is really about, of course I'm sure she'll believe in the Easter bunny... that was so much fun as a child... but she needs to know why we celebrate this holiday.

I've never not believed in my Savior, and this holiday I believe in Him more now than I ever have before. I have Boogie to thank for that. I love my husband, and he is the love of my life, but nothing compares to the love I have for my daughter...except of the love I have for my Christ. It's incredible how different, but how similar my love is for Boogie and for Jesus. I wonder what God goes through when we fall in our footsteps, or how excited He becomes when we have accomplished something victorious. My heart leaps when Elah just smiles at me, it's a love so intense that you can't understand it until you hold your own child in your arms.

Something else I've been thinking about this Easter holiday is how my brother has fallen in his footsteps this past few years. My baby brother doesn't "believe" in God anymore, atleast that's what he claims right now. He's having a hard time with... well just life in general. I pray for him all the time, I try to reach out to him when I can... but I'm not going to lie. It's difficult, especially when some of the things he does and says hurt me, and could potentially hurt my daughter. When we picked out a name for our daughter, we chose a name that meant something... in the valley of Elah, a tiny little boy named David picked up a stone and flung it at a giant, evil man named Goliath... and saved his people. I'm hoping that my tiny little girl can be my brother's David and defeat all the Goliath's in his life... I know that God is already working through her, I've seen it with my own eyes... until I see a major change though, I'll continue to pray!

This has been a little random, but these are all things I've been thinking about this week, leading up to one of the most victorious holidays there are. Jesus RISES tomorrow, he defeats death and Satan and washed my sins away on this day sooo many years ago. I am blessed to know Him in my heart, I am blessed to be washed by the blood of the Lamb. Am I worthy? No. Do I deserve it? No... but does He think so? YES. I can't decide how the rest of my life will go, or what my children will choose to believe, but I hope and believe with my whole heart that someday Boogie, and her siblings, will know Christ as I do someday...

Happy Easter Boogie... tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day!

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