He has RISEN!

Our little family had a wonderful Easter Sunday... and guess what?!?!? Jesus has RISEN! Hallelujah! :) Boogie and I started off our morning by sleeping in. By sleeping in I mean, we started at 7am and I pretty much nursed her everytime she woke up so that she fell asleep again... is that awful? LOL! We got up at 10am and started our morning by reading the Easter Story from one of her kid's bible story books and then we read an Easter book by Mercer Mayer (LOOOVE those books!) Then we were basically lazy all day... I did manage to get the diapers washed, and Justin made steaks for dinner... other than that, we just hung out, played, and Elah refused to nap! Ha! She's actually finally asleep... I got her down at 9pm and she stayed asleep for about 45 minutes, long enough for me to get half of an assignment done for school. I just got her back down, however she's in my lap, and I can't move. Yay me!

Anyways, I wanted to share Elah's Easter pics... or atleast a few of them. Mom took the one's outside, I took the one's inside... enjoy!

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Christa said...

Digging the background, colors, pics, etc!