I Miss Sleep...

Just a few weeks ago my Boogie was sleeping between 6-9 hours EVERY night... yea... that's a lot of sleep! Now? Not so much. She used to go down between 8 or 9pm and sleep til 2ish or longer... all of a sudden, she fights it until 9 or 10, goes down, and wakes up 30 minutes later! I get her down again... and she's up 30 minutes later! I cherished these few hours before I went to bed, I used it as my own time to myself! I got homework done, did laundry, or just watched a movie and fooled around on facebook... but it was MY time no matter what I did. At the moment, I'm typing this with one hand, and shaking a rattle over Elah who is giggling hysterically... and it's almost 11pm. WAY past Boogies' bedtime.

Since about 10 weeks, she's been a horrible napper... she has to be worn or held to get a good nap in, I'm still trying to accept that, which isn't going so well. I need to get things done, and I can't do that if I have to hold her, and she doesn't like it when I bend over with her in the wrap, so I can't get quite a few things done when I wear her either! (When I'm more comfortable wrapping her on my back, this may be resolved, for the moment though... we're not there yet). RARELY, she will fall sleep in the swing, bouncer, or carseat, but does it last long? NO. I think we got about 30 minutes when we go to my inlaws house tonight... and that was AFTER riding in the car for about 20 minutes running errands! She sleeps great in the car, but since Justin uses the car during the day, I can't just drive her around for a nap... which would still defeat the purpose of her napping so I could get some stuff done!

I guess the point of all this is to just say I'm tired... yesterday was rough. And all of this could be because of a growth spurt and/or teething... but I haven't had much rest since about, oh, Wednesday? And after so many wonderful nights of GOOD sleeping, it's hard to feel like I have a newborn all over again. Not to mention that she was basically permanently attached to my boob yesterday, which made for a cranky mommy and a happy baby as long as I was within her piranha mouth!

I love you Boogie... but mommy needs a Boogie break... even for just an hour, please?

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Samantha said...

My son has slept 4 hours in a row twice and that's it. Our norm is up every 2-3 hours to nurse, all night every night!