Time Flies...

Every now and then my emotions get the best of me. Every night, during the first 5 hour stretch that Elah sleeps, I lay her on the floor ontop of her blankets and I work on laundry, waste time on facebook, or blog (like I am now, lol). And then other times, I just watch her sleep... that might sound boring to you, but I LOVE just lying next to her and watching her sleep. She is growing so quickly, and I know that in just a week's time she'll start looking different... EVERY week. My little girl will be 4 months old next week, we had her 4 month pictures and her dedication pictures done at the Picture People, and mom and I took pictures of her in her little Easter dress. But seriously, I cannot believe that it's been 4 months. It's unreal... and I cried tonight thinking about that! I'm already dreaming about being pregnant again and having a little sister or brother for my Boogie... but then again, I want time to slow down and for Elah to be my itty bitty bug forever! She's laughing so much more now, and rolling from her belly to back more often... she can scoot on her back WHEREVER she wants to go... slow down girl! I spent this week working on packing up all her NB and 0-3 months clothing... I cried... now everything in those sizes but her dresses and t-shirts are packed up and stacked in a corner in her room.

This time next year she'll most likely be walking, even running, everywhere... eating meals with us, learning new words, causing trouble, and driving me bananas... and as excited as I am for that, I will miss the itty bitty little girl she is right now, and even the itty bitty baby she is already leaving behind. I try to take a ton of pictures, and if you are on my facebook... you are a witness to that... because I don't want to forget a minute! When Elah was born, my dad made the comment that he couldn't remember me being so small, so I'm trying to document as much of this stage in her life as possible... the coo's, the laughter, the smiles... I don't want to forget a moment! And who knows... a couple years from now I may be saying the same thing about another itty bitty Massey baby!

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