Ay Yi Yi!

It's been a LONG day. Nothing different from any other day really, but I think Elah and I both got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning :( I was grouchy, she was grouchy, and both of us were short on patience... and daddy paid for it LOL! Oh well, we got through it!

In other news... we are letting Elah try new foods every now and then until we start really trying to get her to eat in a couple of weeks. Today was green beans.

Yea... she wasn't a fan. I didn't even have to put it IN her mouth for her to make this face, she saw green and made awful faces, LOL!

In other news, we found out this week that Justin's cousin is having a boy so I'm working on a few things for their little one. I'm also working on leggies to sale on Little Angels Bowtique (a boutique full of stuff made by me and my two aunts). Eventually I'll start making burp cloths, cloth wipes, dresses, and flower clips... and I'm hoping to make some nursing covers too. We'll see!

Elah has also discovered her tongue and it is the cutest thing EVER!

How cute is that?!?!? Well, until next time... God bless!

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Korey said...

She's getting so big Sarah! Love the face she made over green beans, super cute!