Tuesday Ten

I'm starting a trend... ok not really. I'm starting something new for myself, if you'd like to do it as well, then fantastic! I call it Tuesday Ten... ten things I will list every Tuesday. This Tuesday's Ten will be ten things I HATE.

1. Mushrooms, really, who wants to eat fungus! That's GROSS!
2. Washing dishes. Ask my hubby, I NEVER wash dishes. I may be a SAHM and a housewife, but I do NOT do dishes. Nope, no, nadda.
3. Driving in the rain, especially storms. I feel unsafe driving, or even riding to be honest, in the rain. I include snow in this... so I guess really I should say that I hate driving in WET weather, LOL!
4. When people don't even try to breastfeed because it's "gross" or "wierd". I just don't understand that, it drives me INSANE.
5. Bills. But who doesn't?
6. Morning sickness... I loved being pregnant. I loved feeling Boogie move and kick and hiccup... but I did not enjoy throwing up every morning for 32 weeks.
7. When people try to tell me how to raise my child. Yes, I cloth diaper. Yes, I plan on breastfeeding until she's 1 or possibly older. Yes, I feed my daugher solid foods at 6 months. Yes, I intend on avoiding certain situations that my husband and I feel like aren't in the best interest for our daughter. No, I have not spent a moment away from my daughter since she was conceived... and I'm really OK with that.
8. That the church I grew up in is nothing it used to be... I miss the simplicity and love I felt when I walked through those doors as a child.
9. That I seem to stumble away from my daily devotions... even if it's unintentional. I wish I was better about sticking with it and keeping a routine.
10. Alcohol and narcotics... they are stupid. Just stupid. And they are even more stupid when someone you love loves them. YOU know who you are.

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