Three years, ten thousand views, and over four hundred posts... that's my blog today! However, if you haven't been reading for long, then you may not have been formally introduced to the man of my dreams. J is the most amazing husband. He is so kind, sweet, funny, strong, and so many more amazing things. He is a man of God, a wonderful father to our beautiful little girl, a loving husband, and my best friend. I've been wanting to write all this down for months, but I felt like now was the best time to do it. It's almost Father's Day, just under 2 weeks now I believe, and I'm so excited to be able to celebrate it with my family. Granted, we will be celebrating on a Monday instead of Sunday because of his work schedule, but celebrate we WILL!

There are so many things I could tell you about my husband, he is the one person who can make me laugh when I'm really down, he can put on that goofy smile of his and it's over... I just can't help but smile at him! If you asked me about the first time I met him, I couldn't give you a definite storyline, because to be honest we've known eachother since primary school. We'd pass eachother around the school, in the cafeteria, at the pool... we were even in the same 5th grade class... but we didn't start hanging out until my Senior year in high school. He swept me off my feet, I fell head over heels for him and I never looked back. We were married in September 2007, one year and 8 months to the day of us starting dating, and 8 months after being engaged. You might say we rushed into our relationship, but from day one we felt like we were meant to be. Yea, I know... crazy right? God brought him into my life at the perfect time, he healed my heart and stole it away all in the same day.

One of the reasons I wanted to write about J was because this week he has been really down. Something my husband isn't good at is having faith in himself and being truly proud of himself. J had a hard time in school and now that he's taking this CDM (certified dietaray manager) course, it's thrown him for a loop. He struggles, but I think most of the time he struggles more because he just hasn't found the confidence to really fight through the challenge. I figured with 10,000 views (which have jumped from 3,000 to 10,000 in the matter of just a few months) I could gather enough people to be prayer warriors for my love. Would you be willing? This man I love is smarter and stronger than he thinks he is, and what better way for him to figure that out then by praying to the one person who can prove that to him? J is a man of God, he trusts in our Father and I know that He can show my husband how great he truly is!

So baby, I know you're going to read this because you are my most faithful reader... you are AMAZING, phenomenal, smart, handsome, sexy, hilarious, almost bald headed (you know I had to add that!), incredible, strong, loving, hardworking, talented, and much much much more. You are the best father our Boogie could ever ask for, and you are more than I could ever have hoped for in a husband, friend, lover, and partner. To me, you are perfect. You can do this. This may be the toughest challenge you have ever faced, but I have faith in you my love! Push through, look into our daughter's eyes and into mine... we are both so proud of you, and always will be. We are your BIGGEST fans! I love you, forever and ever babe!

April 2006

May 2011

"...this is my lover, this is my friend..."
Song of Solomon 5:16

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