Bruised but Thankful

Yesterday was going so well... despite having a restless night of sleep, Boogie fighting her naps, and just being exhausted... it was a good day. Went on a walk (through redneck valley) with my momma friend Blake and her daughter Taylor, got a good SWEATY workout in the humid hot weather, and took Boogie to see my dad before going to pick up J. So, it was a good day. Until I was leaving my parent's house, slipped on the steps outside with Boogie in my arms, diaper bag and wrap on my shoulder... somehow (actually as impossible as it seems, I KNOW how... God was there) I managed to swing Boogie in front of me without hurting her and landed on my back/side. She didn't even cry, she just looked at me like "mom... what are we doing?" I was terrified I had hurt her, terrified that I almost fell ON her, terrified that it had even happened. I didn't even realize how much pain I was in until I had packed us all up and headed to Montreat to pick up J. My foot was bleeding, my ankle was throbbing, my knee was hurting, my thigh felt like it had been to battle, my elbow was throbbing and my backside killed. I cried. And cried. When I fell, in those few seconds before touching the ground, I managed to sling Boogie's diaper bag, my wrap, my water bottle and my phone to the side and then get Boogie to safety. I landed on the diaper bag, and the only part of Boogie that touched the ground were her hands after I fell, trying to grab some rocks. Only God could have protected her, I didn't do that alone.

So, this morning I am bruised and sore, but incredibly thankful that my Father is always watching over Boogie... I am forever grateful.

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