A Growth Spurt?

This time yesterday we were doing this...

Yea. Playing. And mommy was super tired. Normally, the three of us cozy up on the couch, I put on my handy dandy twin brest friend (Janelle gave it to me... hence the twin part... it's rather large but I can switch Brookie from one side to the other without adjusting lol) and nurse her to sleep while J and I watch a movie or something. She wasn't having that last night. So 9pm J goes to bed after I bounced Boogie to sleep and got comfortable in the armchair. I think things are great... I can relax, blog, maybe watch a movie before going to bed. But no... 9:15 she starts stirring, so I pop out the boob to comfort her back to sleep. She drifts off and then BAM WHAM KABOOM... she's awake again, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Doesn't want to lay down, doesn't want mommy to sit down, wants to play play play mommy! This goes on from about 9:30 to MIDNIGHT last night. So she starts rubbing her eyes, and I decide to take her to bed and turn on Buffy (my latest Netflix kick) until she falls asleep. She's out within minutes and I'm super excited! I fall asleep and it feels like minutes later she's up AGAIN. Then we repeat that process... over and over and over ALL night. It was miserable, I felt like I had a newborn again. I prayed all day that this was a fluke, that my good sleeper was still in there somewhere. She fought me a little tonight, but she went down around 9:30 in bed, so here's hoping she sleeps ALL night like her usual self!

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