What a Mess, What a Glorious Mess!

At this moment there are dishes piled high in our kitchen, crumbs and stains all over the stove, all our towels and rags are dirty (hence the dirty stove), piles of dirty laundry and sorted in the living room ready to be washed, bags of outgrown clothing is scattered around Boogie's room, toys are EVERYWHERE, clothes hangers in every nook and cranny imaginable, furniture in odd places in our bedroom, and a bathroom in desperate need of some lysol. That's my house right now... it's driving me insane BUT Boogie took a nap by herself today. For 45 glorious minutes I was able to finish a load of diaper laundry, check my facebook without little hands trying to help me type, and have a snack. For 45 astonishing minutes I wasn't be yelled at in baby talk for not paying attention, listening to "where's my mommy" cries because I left the room, or lying in bed praying that she'd stay asleep long enough for me to go pee if I get up. I know it might sound trivial to you non parental figures.... but it was the best part of my day having a few minutes to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the peace. Even better than that? For the last 15 minutes of her nap I just sat and looked at her... so peaceful, so content... and she didn't need me. Sad and exciting all at the same time! I've been praying for a breakthrough like this for her, I've been praying that she could take a small step away from me and just do something independently, and she did! It may not happen again for days, weeks, or possibly months.... but she did it today. And those 15 minutes of gazing at this beautiful little girl God knit in my womb was the best 15 minutes I spent today.

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