Day One of Cooking

Today didn't start how we planned... I woke up with an awful headache, sore throat, dripping nose (ew) and my entire body ached. It's always a challenge to find ways to get over illnesses when your breastfeeding (or pregnant for that matter)... so I made sure to take my prenatal (it's good to take while breastfeeding and during all your 'childbearing' years), a single ibuprofen, lots of water, and a TON of orange juice. After a couple hours I felt a little more like myself and we were able to start our day of cooking!

Things went pretty well, we got the majority of our meals prepared, bagged, and thrown into the freezer, but because we started later than planned we didn't get about 5 or 6 meals finished, mainly breakfast items. Boogie was a good girl though, she only fussed a little today surprisingly. Sadly her necklace was NOT in the mail today, and it was evident that she was still having some pain from her teething, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

Not really much to post tonight, but I will be taking pictures of our freezer food stash when we finish and possibly post one of the recipes tomorrow evening! Until then... here's a picture of my Boogie and her newly discovered feet!

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