Boogie and the No Good, Horrible Day

Yea, you read that correctly... it was a no good, pretty horrible day. Boogie is a teething mess and I can definitely assure you that baltic amber teething necklaces WORK, because Boogie's broke last week... and we had to send it off to be restrung. Ugh. Thankfully the woman who made her necklace lives locally and was willing to restring it for free, I actually mailed it off to her though because she lives on the other side of town, but either way it's convenient! BUT, until we get it back Boogie is obviously miserable. She woke up at 9am and was happy as a clam for about 30 minutes. She was content long enough for me to get dressed, change her diaper and dress her, eat breakfast and that's about it. From them until about 4pm she was a crying, screaming, teething, pitiful little girl. Luckily J was able to bring me the car on his break so in an effort to get her to sleep, I drove around for about 20 minutes... didn't work. So then we went to my parent's house where I nursed her, swaddled her, rocked her, bounced with her, and sang to her for an hour and a half before she finally fell asleep... until my brother walked in slamming doors. Yea, real nice.

The evening was a little better however, Boogie enjoyed some time with her Papaw and Nene, I took her into the kiddy pool, she swang on her new swing... and then her bedtime started getting closer and she started melting down again. Took me a good while to calm her down and get her to sleep once we got home, but she did get to sleep! I even put her pj's and nighttime dipe on WHILE she was sleeping and she is still asleep between her daddy and me! So... let's all say a little prayer tonight that her teething necklace will be in the mailbox tomorrow and that my little one is once again the happy, smiling, giggling, pain-free Boogie I remember!

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