Operation I Want My Bed Back... Night 2

Night 2 sucked to be frank. But before we get to that, let's talk about our first napping experience with the crib. yesterday was our first time getting Boogie to nap in her crib. I was really afraid she'd fight me and not sleep at all, and since she slept in until 11 that morning I planned on putting her down for one nap. She went down like a breeze... it was AMAZING. I nursed her at 3:10pm, she was down by 3:20pm and didn't wake up until 4:30pm. Not the longest nap in the world, but it was a whole hour of ME time. Spectacular!

Now... bedtime was not so spectacular. Here are the details:

7pm - started our bedtime routine (bath, pjs, books, nurse...)
8:10pm - got her in her crib
8:45pm - she woke up....
8:48pm - went back down relatively quickly
9:30pm - awake AGAIN
9:31pm - went back asleep with just a few pats
10:40pm - and awake again
10:45pm - again, went to sleep with a little patting and head rubbing
11:40pm - and again... awake
12:09am - fell asleep after some rocking and bouncing
2:15am - slept about 2 hours, so we thought hey, maybe she'll sleep a little longer next time...
3:36am - or not.... at this point she is STILL awake, so I nurse her thinking maybe she's hungry?
3:44am - she leaked on me from the constant tushie patting, so she got a diaper change
4am - 2 hours later, she's asleep. Ay yi yi.
5:55am - awake again, so I tell J to just bring her to bed. We're all exhausted.
6:05am - after biting me and not going to sleep... back to her bedroom we go
7am - for the past hour I left J and Boogie to get some rest. I was in and out of consciousness because Boogie cried the entire time... poor J :( So after all that, we bring her back to our bed again, I nurse her, and we all pass out.
10:15am - wake up super exhausted and hoping tonight is a better night.

So yea. Last night was ROUGH. Naptime was good though, she went down at 1:20pm and slept until 2:25! And tonight she was up twice between 7:30pm and 8:45pm, but she's been down since 9pm and it's not 11pm... so I'm hopeful for a better night!

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