Did You Miss Me?

I managed to squeeze in my Five Question Friday post but I haven't gotten a chance to do a little update since going on a social media hiatus! So.... Boogie turned NINE months old. Can you believe that? That means in three short months she'll be ONE. Ay yi yi! She's crawling up a storm now and pulling up on everything! She cruises along holding onto the couch and she lets go and can balance herself for a few seconds for plopping onto her bottom again. Today she kind of figured out how to push her car (it's a sitting toy that you can switch to a push toy) a few feet by herself, although I had to help her a little because the car started moving to fast for her little feet!

Sleep is unfortunately not changing here... it's a battle to get her to nap, I STILL have to hold her or lay with her in order for her to sleep. And even then it's still hard to get her to sleep! Night time is a battle as well, she fights and fights until she can't fight anymore.... and she BITES. HARD. That's one thing about nursing that I do NOT love.

Anyways... we got new diapers in Boogie's stash. Lots of BG 4.0's, Flip covers and inserts, Grovia AIO's, Rumparooz, and a few random other diapers. I bought all of them off the Babycenter CD swap and got a GREAT deal on them... J was excited to finally get some velcro diapers for him to use. He HATES snaps! I've also gotten an organic Ergo and a mei tai in the past few weeks and I'm in love! My wovens are still my go to carriers, but it's so nice to have 2 carriers that are quick to put on for a fast trip into a store or for a quick walk to them mailbox!

Boogie's 9 month check up is on Tuesday, so I'll update again with her stats and hopefully her 9 month pictures! Until then...

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