Simply Sunday

I haven't been a good blogger lately and honestly I don't have a great excuse really. I have been working on homework like crazy but mainly I've been playing with Boogie, haha! Speaking of my Boogie, she's going to be 10 months old on Friday, can you believe it? In two short months she'll be 1, my sweet sweet tiny baby girl is turning into a toddler before my eyes! No, she's not walking yet, but she is SO independent (and so NOT independent at the same time... yea, try to figure that one out!) and she cruises around EVERYWHERE, but she won't let us hold her hands and help her walk! Crazy kid!

My big girl is eating like crazy, right now her favorites are blueberries, beef stew meat, and cheddar cheese. She seriously flips out over cheddar cheese! She's almost perfected sipping out of her straw sippy... she just hasn't figured out how to suck out a little bit at a time lol! What else... she waves now and loves to say "Hi!" and "Hey!" If you ask her how big she is she'll put her hands up in the air... and I say 'SOOOO big!'. She can act like a monster (lmbo), she'll grow and hold up her hands like claws, it's TOO cute!

Anyways, there's a short, sweet little update on my Boogie Baby. I still can't believe how fast this year has gone by and that I have such a smart little girl... she's beautiful and AMAZING... even if a little bit (or a lot) rotten!

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