Dear Boogie...

Dear Boogie,

I love you. You're beautiful.... but please for goodness sakes STOP SCREAMING AT ME! You're okay. Mommy is two feet away on the other side of the gate. I'm doing laundry. YOUR laundry. I'm washing the diapers and your onsies, and your pants and socks and all the little pieces of clothing you dirty up on a daily basis. You can also stop following me into the bathroom every time I have to pee. It's okay for mommy to pee ALONE. Seriously... it's okay for mommy to step away for two seconds to have some alone time, it's okay to sit and play with your toys while mommy gets some things done. I will play with you the rest of the day! I will nurse you! And feed you! And change your yucky diapers! I promise! I know you like to stay with me 24/7 and sometimes I wear you so that you CAN be with me at all times... but today, I need to step away and just be by myself! Okay? So really... stop shrieking!

Love mommy.

Seriously. All day. All day my daughter has been screaming at me. And all I have done is step to the other side of the gate to put a load of laundry in the dryer. I've tried to put her down for her first nap THREE times today, and she refuses to sleep! The only time she's been happy today is when she's attached to my boob. At this very moment she is standing at the other side of our room separation gate and screaming blood murder at me because I'm ignoring her. I just want 5 minutes! So I'm blogging and ignoring her. Mother of the year award! Now... time to try nap attempt #4.

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Christa said...

Oh you're never gonna pee alone again. LOL