Babywearing Love

If you are a friend on facebook, then I'm sure you've seen the many pictures I have of my Boogie all wrapped up and snug on my chest or even my back! I can't even begin to express how much of a timesaver babywearing is, and how wonderful it is to have my sweet girl close to my heart. Elah falls asleep almost instantly when she's tired, the moment I tie that knot she's gone! If she's just grouchy and having a bad day, I can wrap her and she just looks around, grabs a hold of my shirt, sucks on the fabric of my wrap and is completely content. Some family members aren't comfortable with the fact that I carry Elah this way, and I've had both good and bad comments from strangers... but either way, I, the momma, know that my Boogie is completely content being worn... and here's my proof:

5 Days

2 Weeks

1.5 Months

You really should spread the fabric across babies back once it's tied on, I didn't do so here... but I did in the last pic of this section!

2 Months

3.5 Months

She dropped a little in the wrap on our walk to my parent's house... the longer you wrap the less often this happens!

And what would a blog entry be without a Flint Monster?
The wrap should be higher on his back, but this was just a quick wrap job on a bigger kid... which I'm so not used too! He was much wigglier and much taller than my Boogie!

So... as you can see, Boogie loves to be worn, and so does Monkey! Now I just have to patiently await my new Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze wrap to come in the mail and for my sweet momma to finish my homemade teal osnaburg wrap! EEK!


Christa said...

I love babywearing. Nothing but good from me!

Samantha said...

I loooove your second wrap! I think one of my friends is going to sew me one! I still think I'll prefer the Ergo because I'm worried T will wiggle too much for me to get him on my back securely at first but we'll see!