Friends Come and Go...

I think one of the hardest things to overcome when you start growing up is realizing that the friends you had in school don't actually stick around forever. When I was in high school I thought the friends I had then would be my friends forever... I thought the people in my bridal party would be my friends forever... boy was I wrong! I was naive to think that when you make life changing decisions that defer from those friends that they would understand what you are going through, but they don't. That's just the way it is I guess. I'm blessed to have a few fellow mommy friends, both in person and in cyberland! If your not a mommy, then you just don't understand how much more time it takes to get out of the house and go places. I can't just leave at a moment's notice to get coffee or go shopping, I can't drop everything I'm doing to help you if you need something... I have to think of my daughter first. The only people that understand are the one's who have children. Now that I am a parent I've noticed my friends dwindling away, and honestly I think I'm better off! If I want to get coffee or go shopping... I can wrap Elah up and go whether or not I have someone to go with. Sometimes I would much rather be with Elah anyways, it's just a fact of life. No, I don't want to go back and experience the freedom I had prior to Elah because with her in my life I am happier than I have ever ever ever been.

That sure was depressing wasn't it? I didn't mean for it to come across that way, but isn't it amazing how people change? Isn't it amazing how YOU change as a person? This isn't pointed at anyone either... it's just something I have thought about a LOT today. It also makes me excited for times to come... and I hope to keep the friends I have in this moment, because they are the best I've ever had.

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