Happy Momma's Day!

For my first Mother's Day, I'd have to say it was pretty good! Elah was a good girl, of course, she ALWAYS is right? :) Boogie and I headed over to my mom's house around 8:30am, J had to work (I'll talk about that in a minute), and we just hung out and enjoyed spending time with her Nene and Papaw. I have a feeling that many weekends will be spent with them in the next few months! Why is that you ask? J started a new schedule at work... so now he works from 5am-8pm on Saturdays and Sundays, 5am-10am on Mondays and Thursdays. Basically, he's gone all weekend and home pretty much all week... not to shabby if you ask me. It does make for a long weekend for me (and him of course), but it's worth it to have him home more.

Mom and I worked on my new woven wrap today! It's not at all the color I expected it to be, but pretty nonetheless! It's a greenish blue color, almost the color of doctor's scrubs I guess! I'm hoping to go by tomorrow so we can decide how long I want it! I'm so excited to get it on and take pictures of the finished product!

Sitting here, I was thinking about how wonderful it is to be a momma. A year ago, one week prior to Mother's Day I found out I was pregnant. One of the BEST days of my life. I LOVE being a momma. I love it. Seriously, LOVE it. Makes you think about how boring your life was before children, LOL! I mean really, Justin and I had fun, but life just wouldn't be the same without my Boogie. Now, of course, my everyday shower routine doesn't happen anymore (I do shower, just not as often as I used to lol, thought I should clear that up!), I never fix my hair, 9 times out of 10 there's some kind of grossness on my clothing (i.e. breastmilk, boogers, spit name it)... and sometimes all I eat is snack foods until J gets home because Boogie doesn't want to be put down, worn in a wrap, or anything... sometimes the only thing that will settle her down is laying down, nursing her, and napping with her. You know what? I wouldn't trade any of it.... she is a blessing, she is everything I could have hoped for and more. I know all you fellow mommy's know what I mean by all of this... it's SO totally worth it. So happy momma's day friends... be blessed!

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Samantha said...

What kind of fabric did you get to make the wrap? Was it expensive?