Why, Mr. Sandman! It's So Nice to See You Again!

Mr. Sandman has returned! I have gotten two nights of sleep... literally, NIGHTS of sleep! Boogie goes down sometime between 8 or 9 and sleeps until 12 or 1 (I usually stay up and try to get things done if I can). THEN she goes down after nursing and sleeps until 9 or 10 in the morning! That's like 9-10 hours of sleep! It's AWESOME. Now, let me tell you how she sleeps this much. We co-sleep. Something I said I'd never ever ever do before having Elah, but goodness does it make for a better night's sleep for everyone. Now, we've been co-sleeping in a co-sleeper for about 2 months, and she was in a bassinet/pack n play for the first 2 months (when she wasn't sleeping ON me in an armchair) and then would sleep w/me in the bed until she finished nursing and I was sure she was asleep. But everytime I moved her back to her "bed" she would wake up 2 hours later. So... now, she sleeps in the floor or in her co-sleeper until 12 or 1 and then sleeps with me  (and J) with a pillow behind her back propping her up and facing me belly to belly. Now, I say she sleeps 9-10 hours, I mean that neither one of us get up, or wake up more than 2 minutes tops. She will stay asleep, realize she's hungry and nuzzle up to me and start nursing... never wakes up (it does wake me up, and I help her if she has trouble) but then we go right back to sleep. Before, we'd get up, change her diaper, nurse, and then try to get her back to sleep in her bed... no more of that! I put on her nighttime diaper at midnight and she stays in it until morning, her nighttime diaper consists of a Kawaii or Go Green regular pocket, with 2 microfiber inserts and a bamboo insert. She stays dry for up to 10 hours and stays rash free with TONS of CJ Butter. (This has been a trial and error for WEEKS). Hopefully that will work for us when we do get her to her own bed and she sleeps through the night without nursing!

I was planning on posting pics of my homemade wrap and my new wrap last night but I haven't had a chance... but I will soon! God Bless!

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