Boogie's Dedication/5 Month "Birthday"

We've had a full weekend! Friday evening we celebrated Boogie and dedicated her to the Lord! We celebrated at her godparent's house with burgers and hotdogs with Elah's grandparents, great grandmother, and her godparent's and "godsiblings". JoyAnn loves to tell everyone that she is Elah's godsister :) Nathan and Janelle prayed over us and mom got some wonderful pictures... I feel like this event was more important than any other event we'll have for Elah, at least until she decides to accept Christ into her life! It was a special evening, our little girl is such a blessing!

Saturday was Elah's 5 month "birthday! Sometime this week I'm going to try to attempt to take some photos (I try to do this every month) and I'm hoping mom can take some of the three of us!

You know what else happened on Elah's "birthday"... ugh. We spent a wonderful day with my mom, Elah was wonderful... we had a great time. Then we got home, and as usual got ready to get in the shower with Elah. Just before I set my foot down into the tub, I looked down and there was this HUGE spider. I am not even exaggerating on the size... it was bigger than my hand. I FREAKED. I had to shove Justin out of the way with Elah in my arms screaming "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Move! Babe Move!" He had no clue what was going on... until he looked in the tub. EW EW EW EW EW. According to Christa, it's a wolf spider. EW. Gross. EWWWW. I didn't want to go the bathroom period after that, and I seriously had J check the bathroom before I peed this morning, LOL! So we are at mom's house, because while there's a low chance that we'd have another spider that large in our house... I didn't want to encounter one alone with the off chance that there would be a second huge spider in the span of one weekend lol!

Anyways, here are some pics from Elah's dedication:

Nene and Boogie

Nana, JoyAnn, Boogie... and Jesse in the corner LOL

Nanny, Nana, Boogie, & JoyAnn

My little family of 3

Elah's godfather "Uncle Nathan" praying over us and Elah.

Elah with her godparents (they ROCK!)

Papaw, Boogie, and Nene... my parents are awesome :)

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