Like to Shop Online?

I love the ease of shopping online, I don't have to get ready or even get out of my pajamas, I don't have to get Elah dressed and snapped into her carseat... we can just hang out in bed, sit on the couch, or I can grab my laptop and sit in the floor with Boogie while she plays! Around the holidays, I HATE going out to buy Christmas gifts, especially on Black Friday! What better way to get amazing deals then to shop online?

There's a great websited called Become that is a great place to find just what you need or want. For instance, Justin and I are hoping to upgrade our Queen sized bed to a King sized... that's what happens when you co-sleep! Upgrading our bed means upgrading to larger sheet sets, larger comforter sets, and new decor! I have been craving, literally craving, the beach... the salt in the air, the sand beneath my toes, the sounds of seagulls flying overhead... so I searched for "beachy" bedding and this is what I found: Palm Bedding. So many beautiful sets! I really love the first set from JcPenny, it's simple, subtle, but has that beachy look to it!

I also love the look of bed canopies, when I think of sleeping in a "beachy" room I think of a giant comfortable bed with a canopy overhead... so I searched for that as well and found THESE. I love the first one! Isn't it pretty?!?! It's even on sale for 20% off! And since I was thinking about beds, I started thinking about where guests would sleep if we ever moved (because as you know, wherever Justin finds a dietary management position that is where we will go) where would our guests (aka family) sleep? Air mattresses are comfortable and they store very nicely in a closet! So I searched for them and found some great prices on various sizes of air mattresses HERE.

Become doesn't just have items for your bedroom though, they have everything you can imagine and more! They even have a great little coupon section to take you directly to their best deals, a simple, easy, and precise way to shop! And who doesn't like simple and easy when it comes to shopping?

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