That's right... bored. Justin cleaned everything today, Boogie is asleep, J is asleep... and I'm not all that interested in reading or watching a movie... so here's a random survey!

Mommy's Full Name: Sarah Massey

Age When Pregnant: 22

Current Age: 23

How Far along were you when you found out?: 5 weeks 1 day

Still with the father?: We've been married since 2007

What was your first reaction when you found out you were pregnant?: I couldn't believe it... I had to go back and look at the test multiple times! Month after month of seeing that negative sign, and finally there was a plus sign!

How did the Father react?: He was extremely scared and nervous, just like he is with every big change... but the further along I got the more he warmed up to being a daddy... and he is a GREAT daddy!

How did your parents take the news?: My mom started crying (from joy) and my dad asked "What's for dinner?" LOL, if you knew my dad you'd understand! He didn't have a clue what was going on, and when he figured it out he had a big goofy grin on his face and said, "NOOOO!"

How did you feel about your first ultra sound?: It was amazing! We were a little concerned at first because apparently there was an extra sac and they wanted to make sure there wasn't another baby in there! Justin about died when they said there was another sac in there!

When I heard the heart beat for the first time?: I was so relieved! After trying for so long I was nervous that it was too good to be true, she's our little miracle baby!

What month did you find out the sex of the baby?: 19 weeks
Where you happy about the sex of the baby?: Very much so, in the beginning I wanted a boy, but having a girl ended up being PERFECT!
What were your cravings?: Pineapple and Justin's homemade boneless hot wings!

Did you exercise when you were pregnant?: Yea right! I was so sick my entire pregnancy I basically lived in my bed. No kidding. I wasn't on bedrest and ended up in my bed anyways. Morning sickness is NOT MORNING sickness... it's ALL day sickness!

How much weight did you gain?: I didn't gain any weight, I actually lost weight!

Did you get morning sickness?: I was sick before I knew I was pregnant up until about 32 weeks.

Did you enjoy wearing maternity clothes?: Some, the pants were much more comfortable, and I really liked a few of my shirts... but generally I wore my regular clothes if I could

What books did you read when you were pregnant?: Anything I could get my hands on... every pregnancy book, every pregnancy website, I LIVED in my bed like I said before, so I read EVERYTHING.

Did you attend any pregnancy classes like LaMaza?: Yes, and Justin complained every time! LOL! I didn't really learn much sadly, I think all my reading accomplished everything I would have learned during the classes!

Overall...Describe your pregnancy?: I loved being pregnant, minus being sick all the time. I loved my pregnant belly, I loved feeling Elah kick, I loved how thick and soft my hair became, I was zit free... but I like having Elah outside my body more!

[[About the Delivery]]

How did you know you were in labor?: My water broke
Did your water break?: ...yes
What were you contractions like?: I didn't have any contractions until we got to the hospital 12 hours later and they started me on pitocin (I hate that stuff). The minor cramping I had prior to pitocin were nothing, the cramping I had in the first hour that they called contractions were nothing... then I had back labor. AWFUL.
How long were you in labor?: Water broke around 9pm Monday night, and I finally pushed Elah out at 9:07pm on Tuesday!

Epidural?: Yes, I could NOT take that back labor... the cramping in my abdomen was nothing compared to the back labor!

Who was in the delivery room with you?: J and Janelle

Was it an easy delivery?: I only pushed for an hour, and it wasn't bad at all! I could still feel her despite having the epidural (I appreciated that... one of the main reasons I did not want an epidural), and I only had a minor tear!
Did you cry during labor?: I cried when the back labor kicked in, most painful thing I have ever experienced. I didn't cry when Elah came out, I was so incredibly happy and TIRED, and it was so surreal that I didn't know what to do!

[[About the Baby]]

Baby's Full Name: Elah Moriah Massey

Birth Date: Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time Born: 9:07pm

Gender: Girl

Lenght: 18.5"

Weight: 5lbs 13 oz

What was the first thing you said to your baby?: Hey Elah!

Who visited you and the baby at the hospital? Our parents, Janelle, Justin's nanny, and his parent's pastor.

Did you breast feed?: Yes, still do!

What was the first night being a parent like? It felt so natural... I was meant to be a mother!
Did you get sleep? No, I honestly didn't get any sleep until we got home... the nurses came in the room too often at night to get any rest.

When did you go home?: On Friday, New Year's Eve after dinner.

[[Present Time]]

How old is your baby now?: She'll be 5 months in 10 days.

Still with the Father?: Happily and blissfully married :-D
Who does your baby look like know?: She looks a lot like me, but when she wiggles those eyebrows of hers... she looks just like her daddy!

Been Baptized?: No, I don't believe in baptizing babies... she needs to make that decision herself when she's old enough. However we are having a dedication next weekend!
Your baby's current milestone achievement?: She is a pro at rolling belly to back, her hand-eye coordination is improving, and I think any day now she'll be rolling back to belly!

Whats your baby's favorite thing to do? She loves to be worn, loves to eat, loves to shower, and LOVES to be held!

Whats your baby's favorite toy? Penny, a stuffed pink penguin

What is it like being a parent?: It's phenomenal! Everything I dreamt it would be and more... of course there are bad days and good days, but the good days far outweight the bad!

Ready for another one?: YES! But that won't be happening for quite a while according to J!

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