Black Friday!

Why go into crazy crowds to find deals when there are some amazing deals online? Some of the deals are even the exact deals you could get in stores! I took advantage of these sales... didn't spend much because we didn't have the funds for much... but I got some great deals!

I waited until midnight for the best deals and Old Navy was my first stop online. I got J and I both a pair of $5 pj's, a warm fleece bear suit thing for Elah, a few long sleeve onsies (the majority of onsies we have newborn-3 months are short sleeves) and a tshirt for J.

My second, and LAST stop, was to find a few things for Elah. I'm being blessed by a friend of mine with 2 Thirsties diaper covers (newborn sized) and so I decided to also purchase a different kind of newborn diaper that I passed over when making my major diaper purchase in October. These diapers are called Kawaii Baby Pure and Natural Diapers. You can fold them down to avoid irritating the umbilical cord stump, and they can fit approx. 6-22lbs, so hopefully we'll get longer use out of them then the Thirsties (which only fit up to about 12lbs). Each diaper comes w/2 inserts and I ordered 6. I used a Black Friday coupon code that was only useful between midnight and 2am for 20% off, AND I got free shipping, AND I got to pick a Kawaii Minky diaper for FREE.... all for $40. Oh yea. 7 diapers for $40... CANNOT beat that!

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