Nesting.... eek.

As I posted earlier today, I have been super productive for the first time in months! I have a little bit of energy, not much, but more than I've gotten used too. I didn't have any nausea today and I was able to get out of bed and function like a normal person, with the exception of super sore hips and my ginormous belly! Everything in our house is pretty much ready for Elah, and has been since the week after our baby shower... but there were a few more things I wanted and needed to get accomplished.

This is what I got done today:

  • Washed and sorted all of Elah's cloth diapers (stuffed and put into baskets on her shelf)
  • Worked on the burp cloths that I am making... only have 3 left to do!
  • Sorted and rearranged things in her room to make room for new things
  • Batteries were installed in her bassinet
  • We didn't do this today, but we finished the majority of the pages for Elah's scrapbook yesterday!
  • Packed my bag for the hospital... all I need is to add maternity tanks (which mom just ordered for me!)
  • Packed Elah's diaper bag to stash in the car in case we need to stop anywhere on the way home from the hospital
  • We are doing our birthing classes....
  • Scheduled infant feeding class
  • Scheduled hospital tour
  • Already met with one of Elah's pediatricians
  • Kind of sort of finished my birth "plan"
  • Between Janelle, Justin and myself... we pretty much know how we're going to handle getting in touch with eachother when I go into labor
Things I still need to do:
  • Buy large batteries for bouncy seat and swing
  • Set aside pillows and boppy for the hospital
  • Finish those last 3 burp cloths
  • Get the house CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN
And I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things... but you get the idea ;-)

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