My Achy Breaky Body

Ask my momma... and she'll tell you how obsessed I was with Billy Ray Cyrus's song, Achy Breaky Heart. I would dance and sing until I couldn't dance and sing anymore... definately different from my taste in music now! The reason I titled it that was because when I finally got a bit of sleep last night I dreamt or I guess I "remembered" a day when mom had it blasting from her speakers in the house and she was video taping me dancing! Never had a dream where I just remembered something from my past! It also got me thinking about how achy and breaky my body is feeling lately!

To begin with, I usually get in the bed (if I'm not there already) around 8 or 9pm. Some days I don't get out of bed, and I realize that that is completely insane, but there are some days that I just can't. Haven't been many of those days lately, but when I had days where I couldn't stand up without feeling nauseus and pukey... I chose to stay in bed! (I did manage to get a lot of homework done on those days though!) Once I'm comfortable, Justin and I will watch some of our favorite tv shows, watch some movies on Netflix, or we'll cuddle up and read a good book. Before I got pregnant, I would be ready to go to sleep by atleast 11ish. Not so much anymore... but not because I'm not tired. If I've been up and about all day, by the time 11 comes around and I'm in the bed, my body is so sore that I can't get comfortable. So I toss and turn, toss and turn. And sometimes, rarely, but sometimes I'll manage to toss so much that I find a sleeping position that comforts my body... even for just a little while. Unless you have a night like last night.

I was tired and exhausted, despite having done absolutely nothing yesterday, and all day my body just hurt. The more I relaxed, the more I hurt. So I turned on Netflix and started watching some tv shows they have on instant stream and prayed that I might fall asleep while watching it. Not the case. I would start drifting off to sleep, but then BAM! My leg and hip would start aching and getting numb... so I'd have to get up, walk around, and then come back to bed. I'd find another position to lay down... start drifting off to sleep and WHAM! My back would start aching like crazy. Seriously? It's getting old. Once I finally get to sleep and my body stops freaking out on me and just relaxes... I still have to get up to pee every 2-3 hours. And then I end up sleeping super late in the day! I hate that! I'm so ready for Elah to be here, and to have a better reason to get up every few hours in the middle of the night, instead of it being because my body hurts or because I have to pee for the millionth time!

Now, with all that said, I realize that I am blessed... I have had an almost 100% complication free pregnancy. Elah is healthy, she is growing, and she will be here really soon! Yes, I've been sick almost the entire pregnancy, and my body feels like it is falling apart... but I realize how lucky I am. I'm not complaining, well I guess I am, but not because I don't know how blessed I am. Things could be a lot LOT worse... but sometimes you just have to vent! Everytime my body aches today I'll be praying for a friend of mine who is in the hospital on complete bed rest with marginal placental abruption. Because like I said... it could be a lot worse.

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