Project 365: Day 50

I finally got to a point where I couldn't wear my wedding band  and engagemet ring anymore :( A lot of people told me to just wear them on a chain around my neck, but that made me a little nervous. What if the chain broke and I lost those rings? Justin worked hard to buy those rings for me! So, Justin and I searched high and low for a ring that I liked... and that fit. I have fat fingers to begin with so that was a bit of a challenge considering that my hands swell depending on the temperature and if I've done a lot with my hands during the day. I had to buy a ring a whole size up... so sometimes it's a little lose, and other times it's perfect! We finally found a ring I liked at a little shop in town and I was super relieved. I couldn't just not wear anythign on my finger, it felt naked and I freaked everytime I realized my rings were missing... even though they are in a safe place!

Definately  not a typical wedding band or even engagement ring... but I like it. I will probably hold on to it for Elah since it's what I'll be wearing until my body gets back to normal after having her. I might even get a new one for my next pregnancy. Perhaps a new tradition?

Today was a pretty uneventful day in the Massey household. I didn't do much this morning except sleep in, and stay under the covers watching movies all morning. My hips are spreading and they're really painful right now... and no matter what I do I hurt. Atleast when I'm lying down I can find a tiny bit of relief. This evening we went to my inlaws and cooked dinner (well... Justin cooked dinner LOL!)... my favorite! Wings, baked french fries and green beans. YUMMO! Needless to say, I was a very very happy pregnant lady :-D

Elah is doing well, she's definately running out of room however. Her movements are much stronger and she makes me rather uncomfortable sometimes. This morning she made herself comfortable on my right side and stayed that way for over an hour! My belly was totally lopsided! This evening she's up between my ribs, and I'm pretty sure her butt is right there against the front of my stomach. I thought I was having a Braxton Hicks contraction because of how hard it felt.... until I realized it wasn't just firm, it was moving. So yea... Elah is enjoying stretching mommy's tummy out!

Tomorrow I'm hoping my mom will be feeling better (her students shared their sicky germs) so that she can take a "family" picture of us for our Christmas cards! You may have seen my post a few days ago about Shutterfly! I received my code to get 50 free cards after writing my post, so now I just need to design them and pay shipping and handling so that we can mail them out! Even more exciting than that.... I'm 34 weeks tomorrow! Elah could be here within a month! How crazy is that?!?!? I love being pregnant, but this pregnancy has definately been a bit miserable, so I will be SUPER excited for Elah to finally get here and to have my body back! I will miss those kicks and nudges and knowing that she's protected in my womb... BUT it would be nice to be able to reach to shave my own legs and tie my own shoes.... ;-)

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