Project 365: Day 49

I've almost made it to Day 50... and I've kind of sort of kept up with this challenge! Woohoo!

Anyways, today I am being super duper productive. What's wrong with me?! I'm thinking that nesting has seriously set in... so far today I've done 3 loads of laundry, including prewashing Elah's cloth diapers, worked on the burp cloths I'm making, finished a paper for one of my classes, a quiz for another, and started studying for an upcoming exam! That's a lot considering I haven't done much of anything this entire pregnancy!

First picture... this is the top of a blanket I started for J's nanny in February... of 2009. Really. So once I finish the burp cloths I think I'm going to start finishing that... MAYBE it will get done for Christmas, but I doubt it. Otherwise my goal is to atleast have it finished to give to her for Mother's Day!
And... introducing Singer. My sewing machine. My mom bought her for me about 2 years ago I believe... yea. I'm slowly but surely learning... I suck at straight lines, and I've only managed to make a few things! When Janelle was pregnant with James and Jonathan I made 2 bibs and a set of burp cloths for them... and I've made a baby blanket, a dog blanket, and several tops for other quilts (including the one above). I really want to make some clothes for Elah and some cute stuffed animals I found on . (Check her out, she ROCKS!)
This is what progress I've made on the burp cloths. Compared to the one's I made for Janelle and her boys these are HUGE! But I think they'll be better that way! I have about 6 left to sew and then I have to go back and cut around the edges so that they'll fray. I actually got the pattern from !

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