Project 365: Day 59 (Picture Heavy)

Do you remember that post called Books Books, Books! where I said that I never get rid of my books because I love them so much?!?!? Well... after writing that post and discovering all of the amazing children's books that are out there I decided to compromise on my book collection. We have a store in town called Mr. K's that will buy used books and give you credit to buy more used books. Sometimes you can take bags upon bags of books and they will only take a few... or they may take them all. It just depends on what they already have in stock, and what the book demand is for your area. We took in SIX bags of books... yes you read that correctly. Out of those 6 bags, Justin donated maybe 5 books? LOL. Well, they only took 2 bags, so we came home with a good portion (and to be honest it made my heart smile just a little to be able to keep some of those books ha!). Amazingly, we received just under $70 worth of credit... and I went to town in the children's section!

I was most excited about these board books... Goodnight Moon is one of my favorites!
 These are some sweet little board books with googly eyes and a puppy book that I know JoyAnn will love reading to Elah!
 Lots of itty bitty bible story board books (these were only 20 cents a piece!)
 More board books of bible stories... again 20 cents a piece
 Justin found this big book of bible stories, and it's incredibly colorful!
 This one has beautiful pictures.
 More bible stories... love those Dear God books!
 I used to have a ton of these Golden Books... I had the Precious Moments one... and I couldn't resist buying one about postmen since Elah's papaw (my dad) worked for the post office for a really really long time!
 Some Beatrix Potter books... who doesn't love Peter Rabbit?
 Classic Pooh... Elah's nana (Justin's mom) will love reading these to her... she's a huge Eeyore fan.
 Tigger books...
 Cute little board book... each page has a different tab with something for her to touch and feel.
 And ofcourse mommy and daddy got a few books as well. Justin got 2 books by 2 authors he likes and I got this Baby's First Year book... same authors that wrote my favorite Pregnancy book!

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