2 Weeks Old....

Yes... really. My baby is 2 weeks old today! UGH! She's already growing to fast, it's bad enough that the Flint boys are TODDLERS now... now I have to cry over them AND Elah growing to fast!

Elah's 2 week checkup is tomorrow... hopefully we can make it out to Asheville tomorrow! We weighed Elah on the Wii Fit the other day and she's gained almost a full pound since her first checkup! She eats like a champ, and I swear she's going through a growth spurt... she eats ALL the time. Luckily last night she decided to give mommy a break and not get up EVERY 2 hours. I fed her around 9pm, again at midnight, and then again at 4am and 7am. So we got a few extra hours sleep in there!

Elah is official now... we got her social security card in the mail, her insurance card.... and now we just need to get an official copy of her birth certificate. It still amazes me that she's even here and not beating me up from inside my belly! I can't even explain to you how good of a baby she is. She has her cranky moments ofcourse, but she's so down to earth and really only gets mad if she has a dirty diaper or if she's hungry. She was a LOT cranky today however... but that was Nene's fault, not mine! LOL Nene took us to the grocery store and ofcourse insisted on carrying her instead of leaving her sleeping in her car seat.... so when we went to put her BACK in the car seat she SCREAMED. She definately enjoys being held! She was up from 10am-almost 2pm... and as soon as she finished eating and put her head on my chest... she was OUT. She was SO tired!

As for me... I am happy to report that my start to the new year is going really well! I have a goal to lose weight this year. I'm hoping to get down to a size 12 again by my 24th birthday (March 2012)... might not sound small to a lot of you skinny mini's out there... but that's healthy for me. I like my curves, and that's a good size that I'm comfortable with, AND that's the size I was before J & I started dating in high school! I'm down almost 25 pounds from my prepregnancy weight, so I'm in a few pairs of my prepregnancy jeans already. Those are size 18, my hips are still a good deal wider however, so the rest of my jeans (size 16) that fit comfortably prior to being preggo are a bit tight still. I'm excited about this new journey... mom is trying to lose weight, Janelle is trying to lose weight, and J wants to get healthier as well. So I know I have lots of support.... and knowing that my beautiful little girl will be watching me is inspiration enough!


Monica said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome! I cannot believe Elah is already two weeks - time just disappears when you have a tiny little one. Enjoy it!

Patty H. said...

Wow, Sarah. 2 weeks already. Seems like things are going well for you all. I know you and Justin are going to be great parents. Give her a kiss for me, hope to see her soon.
Patty H.