Monday Memories

I definitely don't blog as much as I did before Elah was born, and I'm a little sad about that because I feel like I'm missing out on documenting so many things that I would want to remember down the road. However... the time I would be spending writing on this blog has been spent on other things... Elah being the number one priority of those many things! She's eating every 2-3 hours, which is special mommy/daughter time since we are EBF... we are starting cloth diapers during the day. Sadly I don't have a big enough tiny diaper stash to get through day and night, so currently she wears ALL her diapers during the day and I wash them before we go to bed so I can hang them to dry over night. We spend lots of time cuddling... my favorite part about being a mommy at the moment. And all the extra minutes in between, and the few hours of naps during the day are spent on homework, laundry, and cleaning. I love it all, with the exception of a little homework, LOL!

Elah is changing every day, it's incredibly exciting and depressing all at the same time! Her face is getting slightly chubbier, and she has a tiny little double chin... and her little legs, LOL... I call them preemie thunder thighs. They are so tiny, but she's finally getting some fat on them! I'm so excited to see her grow and hit all these major milestones, but I'm sad to see the newborn stage slowly creeping away. I'm so blessed that Justin is working hard so that I can stay home full time with our daughter, I don't know what I would do if I had to miss out on all the changes that I'm already seeing in Elah daily!

I'm hoping to get started on my Project 365 again, however I may do it on the actualy 365 website this time. I'll post more about that tomorrow! Until then... I'm going to go cuddle with my munchkin, get some sleep and wake up in about 2 or 3 hours to feed her, change her, and start the process all over again :) Night!

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