EBF, CD, BW Momma

Since before I got pregnant I knew I wanted to be a EBF, CD, BW momma.... what the heck is that? I'm sure your asking LOL! EBF is exclusively breastfeeding, CD is cloth diapering, BW is baby wearing... so far the breastfeeding is going really well. Elah is a wonderful eater, she latches really well, she eats to her hearts content and then she is peaceful and a little cuddlebug until its time to eat again! CD has not started yet... she's not quite big enough for even the smallest of my stash, but hopefully soon we can dive into the world of cloth diapering! Today I tried out my moby... and Elah LOVES it! Yay! She loves to be held, she sleeps better, and honestly how can I not just enjoy holding her after so many months of wishing her into my arms? :) Sometime in the next few weeks we'll try out my Ergo... :-D

I think what I'm most excited about when it comes to this Moby Wrap is that when school starts back NEXT WEEK (all online classes ofcourse) I can just put her in the wrap and get to work. It will make my life a bit easier! I'm wearing Elah as I type this actually.. and both my hands are free to work with! :)

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