Sassy Sunday

Justin, Elah, and I went to Asheville last Tuesday to run some errands, and once we had finished we decided to head to the mall for lunch and a little shopping. As we were walking by the Picture People one of the girls working there asked us if we wanted a free picture... I knew it was a way to get our business, but I couldn't resist! Look how beautiful and ADORABLE my daughter is....

She's so cute... I'm a little biased ofcourse... but really. PURE cuteness!

Like I posted before, Elah turned a month old on Friday... and we weighed her today... 9lbs! She's starting to fit a little better into a majority of her cloth diapers... but they still leak a little because of her scrawny little legs. However, they are slowly getting chubbier :)

Today, we decided that we couldn't resist the beautiful weather outside and went for a really, really long walk. I put Elah in the moby, we packed Justin's backpack with diapers, wipes, and a few other essentials and headed out. We walked to the lake, around the lake, up the road to Nanny's, and then across town to mom's house. We probably walked over 3 miles today, and it felt AMAZING. I'm so looking forward to Spring, and NO MORE SNOW, so we can walk more often and I can really start losing more weight! I'm down to 218 now!

Elah is now in her 0-3 month clothing (I teared up a bit at that discovery)... she is just too long for her newborn stuff now! When we first brought her home until about 2 weeks ago she was still too small to swaddle in her swaddle blanket that we have. So tonight I decided to try doing it again, well guess what!?!?! She is finally tall enough to swaddle! AND she is sleeping in her bassinet, AND I'm in MY bed beside my hubby... YAY! We will see how tonight goes, and hopefully she'll give mommy a break and sleep in her bassinet ALL night (between feedings and diaper changse ofcourse)!

Wow! That was crazy and sporatic... but that's a pretty good update I think ;-)

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