Tough Situation

When Justin and I had been dating for about 4 months he got me a puppy... the cutest, sweetest, tiniest little thing. She fit in the palm of my hand, she was so well behaved, and such a cute little booger. We named her Snickers.

Fast forward 4, almost 5 years laters. Snickers, my well behaved, loving little dog has turned into a jealous, peeing everywhere monster. Ok... that's a little harsh. She's not a monster, but she is definately jealous, and she's definately peeing everywhere. I wasn't worried about Snickers when we brought Elah home, I was worried that Mudgett would freak out and go bonkers (well... more bonkers then he already is). Boy was I wrong. Seriously... Snickers will look right at you, squat, and pee. EVERY FREAKING DAY. But wait, it gets better. Today, as I sat down to put my shoes on so we could take Elah to see J's nanny... she squats beside and PEES ON ME. Yea, really. She peed on ME. I'm done. Really. Done. I love this dog, she was my first baby, she moved from place to place with us... she was there when we lived in Tennessee, she was there when we got married... she's been through it all. And I'm done. I can't do it anymore!

Mudgett isn't as bad, but with him being so hyper he is just so hard to deal with right now. I love that little stinker, but I'm done.

I don't want to see them go, I will probably cry a flood of tears to see them go... but Elah is my priority now. I'm tired of the peeing everywhere, I'm tired of stepping on soggy gross rawhide bones, I'm tired of hair EVERYWHERE... I'm just tired. I want to bring my daughter home to a clean house without dog hair, dog barking, dog pee, dog food, dog anything. I'm DONE.

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