Who I Am and What I Want to Be

**Disclaimer** Sorry this post is SO long, I've been working on it for a few days... if you read this and blog here is the challenge. WHO ARE YOU? Write a blog about who you are, and then add 50 facts about yourself... you never know what you might learn about You!

I have changed drastically in the past few years... DRASTICALLY. I chose to grow up a little faster than my peers and accept more responsibilities. I moved out young, got married young, and at 22 I became a mother! So I'll say it again... I have changed drastically. The biggest changes have developed since Elah was born, and I am incredibly proud of the woman I am becoming... so who am I?

First, and foremost, I am a follower and disciple of Christ. I hope to live my life walking in His footsteps, spreading His word, and raising my children in a home that lives and breathes Christ. I am by no means perfect, and I stumble every day in my walk with Christ. I forget to read my bible everyday, I forget to thank God for all of His blessings. However... I am forgiven.

I am a mother, a new one in fact, who is learning exactly what it means to love unconditionally. I've become a fierce mama bear who defends my choices in raising my daughter, who isn't afraid to say NO anymore, and I am confidant in the choices that Justin and I are making pertaining to Elah and our future children. I choose to cover my daughter's cute little tushie in cloth, I choose to only breastfeed my daughter even if it means less sleep and less time to myself. I wear my daughter more often than not in my MobyWrap, and she sleeps on my chest every night... and despite the fact that I don't get as much sleep this way, I'm really ok with that. I plan on making Elah's baby food, and raising her on organic foods... and even though I'm going to school to be a teacher and even though my mom works as an assistant teacher for a public school, I am 99.9% sure we will be homeschooling my daughter.

I am a wife, a homemaker, a friend, a lover, and a partner for life to an amazing man. I may not always keep the house clean, or keep up with the laundry like I should... but he loves me anyways! I get grouchy, I'm impatient, and I drive him bonkers sometimes... and still... he loves me.

I never get tired of gaining knowledge... even if the classes I am taking at the moment do not pertain to my major. I look forward to taking what I've learned and using it to educate my own children and other homeschooled children in the future. I'm hoping to use my degree to tutor homeschooled students, help them with testing, and perhaps teach homeschool groups in the future.

I've described myself as a musician longer than I've described myself as any of the above (with the exception of disciple). I write music, sing music, play music, live music, breathe music... I just love music. I play music to worship, I sing music to relax, I write music to vent... it's everything!

That's who I am. I am a different person than who I used to be. I am PROUD of the person I'm becoming.

50 Facts About Me

1. I constantly have a song in my head... there is not a moment that goes by that I'm not singing or humming a tune... whether that's outloud or silently!
2. I'm working on making my home and family "green".
3. My daughter has a cloth booty... except at the moment. She is not yet chunky enough for the majority of our stash!
4. I use a Diva Cup... ok maybe a little TMI, but seriously... ditch the tampons and pads and try it. You'll never go back!
5. I enjoy paying bills... I don't enjoy seeing the money go away, but something about writing out checks, and knowing that all those bills are gone until next month is rewarding.
6. I'm slightly OCD. But only about certain things... like my closet, Elah's room, and my school work/supplies.
7. I married a hardcore, serious, KISS freak. He's not as obsessed as he used to be, but he will always be my KISS freak :)
8. Nothing smells better than my daughter after her nighttime bath... love that sweet baby smell!
9. I have 2 families... my biological family and my Flint family... life wouldn't be the same without either family!
10. I exclusively breastfeed my daughter.
11. I am addicted to WAY to many tv shows... Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Secret Life of the American Teenager to name a few... and I'm not embarrassed by any of them. Pure entertainment and drama!
12. I love photographs, I love displaying them in my home... seriously... I have SO many pictures in our living room!
13. I love going hiking, I haven't been in quite a while, but I look forward to start doing it again when it's warm enough to take Elah!
14. I love clothes. I love buying clothes... I have too many clothes...
15. I've had my hair so long that it reached my tailbone... and hair so short it was only an inch long...
16. I love wearing my daughter in our MobyWrap... so warm and cozy, and she's always close to my heart!
17. Being a mommy is my favorite thing in the world... I was born to do this!
18. I love to color... but you can only use Crayola crayons!
19. My favorite thing to do with Justin (and eventually with Elah and our other future children) during the holidays is gathering every holiday movie we have in the house, making finger foods, and cuddling up on the couch for a movie marathon.
20. I hate shoes. I'd rather go barefoot or wear flip flops any day, BUT, I have a ton of shoes. LOL!
21. I like doing diaper laundry... I like sorting the inserts, stuffing the pockets, and putting the diapers away... perhaps that's the OCD in me?
22. I love the beach, but I hate the sand. I don't like the way it gets EVERYWHERE.
23. I got to meet my great-great-grandmother Matilda when I was a kid... she lived to 102!
24. I don't wear makeup, I don't think I need it. My husband loves me the way I am, and I could care less if anyone else things I'm attractive or not... so why not just appreciate my face the way God made it?
25. I want a minivan... yes. A minivan. Plenty of room for the 4 kids I'm planning on having!
26. I know how to crochet, with and without a loom, but I have no patience when it comes to crocheting... so I stick to hats.
27. I've given up on my daughter sleeping in her bassinet... she can sleep on my chest as long as she wants. I know she won't be sleeping on my chest when she's 10... and she won't be this little forever. So I'm enjoying the extra snuggles while I can!
28. I hate snow. I hate the cold, the wet, and that it means I'm stuck in the house until it melts and the roads are safe. Ugh.
29. My husband and I danced to "Forever" by KISS.... and as we walked back down the aisle together "Rock n Roll All Night" played. Told you I married a KISS freak!
30. I broke my leg "snowboarding" in my yard in 6th grade... my lame attempt of snowboarding involved a sled and our dog, Rags. Bad idea!
31. I hate throwing things away, but I force myself to do it... especially after watching Hoarders. I would never be that bad, but it scared the pee outta me!
32. I had to learn how to be flexible when I gave birth to my daughter... I learned that not everything goes as planned! My natural birth turned into me having terrible back pain and getting an epidural. I'm really ok with my decision!
33. I have never had a normal animal. Every dog, cat, gerbil, guinea pig, etc. that I have owned since childhood has been wierd. Ask my mom...
34. I never thought I would be in a traditional family. I always thought I'd have to work and send my children to daycare... I am thankful and incredibly blessed to be able to stay home with my daughter!
35. I would love to live at the beach, however, I have a huge fear of hurricanes and tornadoes... so I won't be leaving the mountains anytime soon!
36. Some of my closest friends are scattered across the country... and I've never met them face to face. They are my "supportive sisters" who have been by my side since J and I started TTC in 2007... thank you Babycenter for bringing us together!
37. In high school I burnt noodles... meaning I couldn't cook worth a flip. Thanks to my husband I can now cook pretty well!
38. I have an obsession with books. I love books. I read the same books over and over again, and never get tired of it. My kids will have a library of books by the time they graduate college and get married.
39. I love owls.
40. My baby shower was in October... the thank you cards are still sitting on my bookshelf... procrastinate much?
41. In high school I wore flood pants, capris with chains and zippers, black tshirts (and only black tshirts), wore ties as belts and put blue gel in my short spiky hair. What was I thinking?
42. I want 4 kids, but I'm really hoping and praying that future pregnancies are easier than my first... 32 weeks of "morning" sickness was NOT fun.
43. I hate feet. No, I despise feet. Feet are gross.
44. I did not inherit my mom's craftiness... I am too much of a perfectionist, so quilting and sewing are really hard for me to do... I'm too obsessed with getting everything straight and perfect!
45. I love coffee and coca cola... and since I'm breastfeeding I'm not drinking them anymore unless they're decaf. ::Sigh::
46. I hate doing dishes, so I got a dishwasher. His name is Justin.
47. I've been in a marching band, symphonic band, jazz band, youth praise band, worship team, and a blues band.
48. I have a giant stuffed bear that I named Wilbur... I got him for Christmas in 1st grade and I stiill have him!
49. I can't snap my fingers.
50. It took me 3 days to complete this list!

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