3 Weeks Old

AHHH!!!! I feel like I just wrote Elah's 2 week post! She is THREE WEEKS OLD. Which means in 7 days she will be a month old! AHHH! I though James & Jonathans first year went by fast... this is worse!

My munchkin is currently sleeping on her daddy's chest, comfortable as can be! And luckily her daddy is in a better mood than this morning... he doesn't handle sleepless nights as well as mommy does LOL. Love you babe!

There's not a whole lot going on this week really. Today I'm taking Elah to the primary school, where my mom (Nene) works, to let her friend Venita hold my baby girl. She's met her, but I wouldn't let mom take her out because I knew she would pitch a fit when we put her back in the carseat (we had a checkup that day). After that we are on a hunt for some more newborn sized WARM sleepers. The regular cotton ones aren't cutting it for nighttime... it always seems to be a little cold and drafty in our apartment at night. So those warm fuzzy sleepers are the best! Other than that... I'm hoping to sneak over to the Flint house one day this week (hinthintcoughcoughjanelle LOL) to visit and get away from my DEAR WONDERFUL grumpy husband... again, love you babe!

I'm also starting to think about a few things we need to get when Janelle and I finally take our shopping trip that we've been planning for MONTHS. I definately have to go buy me some new clothing. I had to wear maternity jeans today :(, my hips are far to wide for my regular jeans. Ugh. I'm losing weight, but my hips just aren't going back to normal. So I'm going to have to try on some different styled jeans or something. I also need some more nursing friendly tops. I haven't gone out in public all that much, or really attempted to breastfeed Elah in a REAL public place... so I've been wearing my nursing tanks and button up shirts. I also wore a low cut sweater from Old Navy that I bought when I was pregnant. I thought that it would fit me after having Elah, it's not maternity, but now it SWALLOWS me! It would be ok over a regular tshirt, but over just my nursing tank it just hangs on me. So yea... new jeans, new nursing tops, and I need new panties... LOL sorry! TMI. Mine are all too big as well, LOL.  I also would like to visit a store that carries various types of cloth diapers so I can get some more smaller diapers for Elah. We have plenty of one size diapers that she'll fit in when she puts on some more chunky cuteness and grows some.. until then, we need to find some to add to our stash!

School is going well, I'm staying ahead! I'm a little nervous about my biology course that starts next week... I'm doing so well with my 2 classes now, so we'll see how it goes!

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