An Abundance of Love

I've made a decision about my life today. Something I don't think I ever expected to do, but after praying about it, talking to my mom, and than discussing it with Justin... I think it is the BEST decision for our family, not just me! If you know me at all, you know how important my education is to me, and how important it is for me to go ALL the way and get my Master's. Well... we have a new plan. I know. A new one. When I finish my Associate in Arts Degree I am going to take a break. We will pay off the loans that have accumulated from that... and THEN I will start my Bachelor's. I'll take a break after and we will pay off those loans... and FINALLY I will pursue my Master's and then pay off whatever accumulated from that. I think it's smarter this way. I won't be working immediately after school if I finished in the next couple of years anyways, and I'm afraid to think of how much student loans would pile up if I stormed through and got my Master's immediately. I love being a mommy, and I love staying home with her and experiencing everything... so that is my decision. To raise Elah, make MORE babies (yes, I said more... just not anytime soon) and enjoy our little growing family. I also think this will help me from getting burnt out on school, because frankly, I'm burnt out!

My bible study tonight is on Deuteronomy 28:11, which says, "The Lord will give you an abundance of good things in the land he swore to give your ancestors -- many children, numerous livestock, and abundant crops." The story that goes with it is about a couple who find out they are pregnant for the sixth time.... and I laughed. Janelle.... I'm sorry but I laughed LOL. I immediately thought of 5 little Flint Monsters and their parents. I can't wait to have a big, lively family like the Flints... every squeal, every laugh, even every tear and smart remark... I want it! Nothing is more fun than spending a day with the Flint family. Big families are FUN! So hopefully, the Lord will bless Justin and me abundantly with lovely little Massey's. And after all the talk of me wanting boys... after Elah.... I'm thinking I want a little Esther :) Only time will tell... until then, I'll just enjoy my Boogie :-D

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Janelle Flint said...

I am so proud of you. You know how hard our debt had been on us. We would have done things so differently. God is faithful and He has provided for us, however it has been hard. What wisdom you have Sarah. You will be SO glad to be debt free. Our goal is to be debt free by 40. The student loans have been the WORST. Regardless of your future education you CAN and will home educate your children with grace, love and mercy because you will do it in and with GOD!!!!! You won't regret this decision. I love you.