Life As I Know It

I'm determined. Tomorrow is a new day... and I WILL get into a routine starting then. Even if Elah has to be worn all day... I WILL get stuff done! I have so much laundry to do, our room is a mess, my computer desk nook/area is a disaster... and it's driving me bonkers! At 8:30pm, as usual, I fed Elah, snuggled with her for a little while and I laid her in he co-sleeper. Usually, she falls right to sleep. Well. She didn't tonight. I had to hold her and rock her for about 30 minutes until she finally fell into a deep enough sleep where I could lay her down. 15 minutes later, she's awake AGAIN, and I gave up on getting any homework done. So, I patted her tummy and held her paci in her mouth until she fell back asleep. I cleaned her room, started the laundry, put the one load of clean laundry that has been sitting in her room since Monday away, hung her diapers to dry... came back in my room and she's wide awake and cooing at daddy while he snores. What gives Boogie? So she's still awake, at 10:30pm... just cooing away! I guess, if I look at the bright side, she's happy... and not screaming. However, the moment I start trying to do homework she starts crying.... but I can surf the net and post in my blog and she continues to coo? Really? I pick up a textbook and she wails! I'm thinking Elah doesn't like mommy working on school. Ugh. So, I'll probably be up ALL night alternating between taking care of Elah and trying to get homework done. Oh... and don't forget all the laundry I need to finish! Yea... really need a routine, and a NAP!

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