A Time to Laugh

I haven't been very good about setting aside time to spend with my Father, and I have tried this technique before, but I think I am going to try again. Before, I would use my blog as a reminder and would post a verse from my devotion for the day. So... I am starting this devotional called "A Cup of Comfort - Devotional for Mothers". It's a small, compact book that can easily fit in my purse or diaper bag, and my husband also bought me a zippered pouch bible that is small and compact as well to go with it. Each day has a verse, a story, and a quote from different mothers. I started my first devotion today! And along with my devotion, I will post my pictures of the day again. I'm not going to call it Project 365 because I don't want to stop at 365... I want to continue it with my devotions for as long as I can and document mine, Justin's, and Elah's lives!

Today's verse was Ecclesiastes 3:4, "[There is] A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance." I love this verse! How perfect is that statement? Everyday I have moments where I need to cry, and moments when it's time to laugh... sometimes I grieve and other times I dance. There are even times I laugh so hard that I cry at the same time! As a mother I know there will be plenty of days where I may not remember to laugh or dance... there will be days of stress, days of aggravation... and more! I'm hoping that I can remind myself to not sweat the small stuff, to enjoy my daughter and future children... and just laugh and dance with them as much as I can! The quote at the end of my devotion is by a woman named Carolyn Byers Ruch... she says "Ask God to help you relax today and even enjoy a giggle or two." That's my challenge to all you mothers out there... pray that short, sweet little prayer and enjoy a giggle with your little ones!

Although it may not look like she is grinning... she was until the flash on my phone went off when taking the picture! We were enjoying some grins and although I was the only one giggling... I know someday I'll hear my sweet girl's beautiful laugh!

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