I'm In No Hurry

I've been thinking a lot about my little girl today... how fast she is growing, how quickly she is learning new things... and then I think about the other children we plan on having and growing our family. What will they be like? Will we have all girls? Will we have any boys? What will they do when they grow up? Who will they marry? These have been circling through my head all day, and it just so happens that when I opened my devotion book today, it was about not being in a hurry for my baby to grow up. God knew my heart today didn't he? I hate seeing Elah grow up, but I LIVE for it as well. I love hearing her new coos and singy sounds, her huge gummy smiles and watching her try to roll. But I wish it would alllll slooooooooow doowwwwwn.

Today's verse was from Deuteronomy 28:4, "You will be blessed with many children and productive fields. You will be blessed with fertile herds and flocks." In other words... you will be blessed with kids and LATER you will be blessed with a clean house and things in order! I don't have time to get anything done right now, my life revolves around nursing, changing diapers, and taking naps with my baby girl. At night, despite the few minutes I have taken to blog and spend time with my Daddy in heaven... I work on homework. It never slows! At the moment... I have Elah FINALLY asleep (she coo'd herself to sleep tonight), a load of diapers in the washing machine, a load of Elah's clothes in the dryer, and another load of Elah's clothes waiting to be washed. And before Justin went to bed, I stuffed Elah's new Sunbaby Diapers, finished some of my homework and put away her clean diapers... wow. That all has happened in the past 1 hour. I'll admit that it bothers me that I don't get things done when I want them done.

I would love to get the entire house clean tomorrow and the laundry finished... but I know it won't happen and I am going to be content with that knowledge. I'm lucky to get a moment to myself while Justin is at work... but you know what? I am really OK with that. I am learning to push aside my tendency to be OCD and just enjoy these early months in Elah's life. She will obviously not be this little forever, she will never coo or sing like she did tonight when she gets bigger... she will only learn to roll once... I will not miss these milestones because I am too busy trying to do other things! So what if there's laundry scattered around the house. So what if my bathroom is a little dirty. SO WHAT if I wait til the last minute to turn in some of my homework. Kudos to all the mommy's out there who have a perfect clean house and all their laundry done... AND don't miss out on their kid's lives. I'm just not one of those women.

We took Elah to the pediatrician today to check on her cold, she developed a pretty nasty cough and we wanted to make sure she wasn't getting an ear infection or a lung infection. She's so little... I'm not taking any chances with her. Call me a first time mom... because I am one! Anyways, the point of that little spill was that I overheard a woman tell her daughter in the waiting room  (the little girl was maybe 8 or 9) that she was being a pain and that she needed to sit down, be still, and obey. From my point of view... all the little girl was doing was trying to get a better view of the cartoons that were playing in the corner. I think the quote from my devotion is one that that mother needs to hear...

Kids are a pain or a source of joy... depending on your focus. What is YOUR focus?


Lindsay said...

There is no such thing as a mommy with a perfect clean house and gets to take perfect care of her herself! Sounds like you are the perfect mommy for Elah and are handling life's changes with grace and love for her!

Amy said...

Too true. It's almost cliche, but it really does go by so fast!! I can't believe I have a two year old and a six month old. Glad you are enjoying every minute! - Amy