Mommy Brain... I will defeat you!

I made our "home binder" today! Yes, I am actually excited about a notebook full of paper with budgets, lists, and calendars. Call me a nerd... I dare you! On a more serious note though, this is really going to help our little family get back on track financially, schedule wise, and menu planning wise.

I haven't taken any pictures, but I thought I'd atleast share what I did with it. I got my templates and printouts from several different sites I'll list at the end of this post, and I used other sites for resources. I made 8 dividers with these categories:
Today/This Week: Contains printouts of weekly to do lists and reminders and daily sheets with reminders
Calendar: This is exactly what it says, a calendar. Each sheet has a different month and we will use this to keep track of due dates for our bills, appointments, and other important dates
Menu Planner: Weekly menu planner w/shopping lists
Elah: This has info on appointments, vaccines, etc. This folder will have different things in it depending on what we need handy for her!
Finances: This has a monthly budget log and a log of what we need to save for, how much needs to be saved, and when we want the total amount saved by
Vacation: Currently, this has info for the trip we're taking next week, a budget sheet for the things we want to do (we are going to stay UNDER budget!), tickets we've already purchased for the aquarium and etc. Later it will have info and planning/budget info for NEXT year's trip!
Household: This has a weekly and daily to do list for chores around the house. We are really bad about waiting and trying to clean the entire house in one day... so I'm hoping this will help us space our cleaning routine out so that we have time to spend as a family!
Miscellaneous: This has a list of birthdays/anniversaries, and a paper with our online account usernames and passwords. More will be added to this section eventually, but I was more concerned with the other tabs!

You might think I'm wierd for wanting to get so organized, but I function better when I have a written plan infront of me! LOL! I will update on how it's helping my little family... until then... here are some links with printables and other resources to make your own binder! Favorites are starred ***

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