2 Months

As I posted on Sunday night... yesterday Elah turned 2 months old! She is now 21 7/8 inches long, 10lbs 1.5oz, and her head is 38.9cm. She's definately growing, and has almost doubled her birth weight which is GREAT! We are both a little congested at the moment... who knew such a little baby could have so much snot, yuck!

Elah did pretty well at her appointment, she got 3 shots and handled them surprisingly well. She was a little fussy as she got stuck, but settled down relatively quickly. She was definately more upset with the oral vaccine than she was with the shots. My hope is that she will not have the same fear I had as a child when it came to needles, until I got pregnant, I was deathly afraid and would literally run or beat my mom and the nurses to death to get away. I was TERRIFIED. Obviously, I had to endure my needles throughout my pregnancy and no longer have that fear thankfully.

We've had professional photos done three times... when she was a day old at the hospital, once at 4 weeks, and again at 7 weeks. We can't afford to it all the time, so we plan on having them done again at 6 months and 1 year... until then I am going to take monthly photos with our handy dandy fancy new camera ;-)

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