I am so incredibly uncomfortable, and unfortunately that means I cannot get to sleep. I am so blessed and thankful to be carrying a healthy, growing little girl... but I'm at a point where I just want her OUT! I would prefer to have her here waking me up every few hours to change her diapers, feed her, and comfort her... atleast with her here, being awake would have a purpose! Tonight my lower back is just killing me, my hips are aching, and frankly.... my boobs HURT. No matter how I lay, no matter how many pillows I gather around me, no matter WHAT I do... I can NOT sleep.

Ofourse, Justin is laying beside me snoring up a storm... and even Snickers and Mudgett are in the crate at the foot of my bed SNORING. Yes... dogs snore. Rather loudly actually!

I'm just tired of being pregnant... and I'm tired of hearing "She'll come when she's ready!", "She needs to keep growing!", "Women would kill to be in your shoes... appreciate this time!", "It could be worse!".... I KNOW all of those things... doesn't make me feel ANY better. Sorry! I want her OUT!

I'm also really afraid that my morning sickness might be coming back... if you didn't know already, I had morning sickness until 32 weeks. So basically, I have had 5 weeks of being pregnant WITHOUT puking.... then I wake up this morning feeling like I'm going to be sick. I cried because of it... I'm so OVER morning sickness. Did I mention that I was blessed with pimple free skin this entire pregnancy as well? That was GREAT! But wait.... in the past week I have had pimples break out all over my face... horrible painful pimples that make me feel like I'm in high school again. Ugh. Thank you hormones.

I'm pretty good at whining and complaining... but what can I say? Everyone needs to just let it out sometimes! I'm going to go sit on my yoga ball and try to rock or bounce away this back pain... and then hopefully I'll be able to lay down and get some MUCH needed sleep. I might even sleep all day tomorrow... who knows. Too cold to be outside anyways... AND it's supposed to snow. Oh joy!


Courtney Moser said...

I'm sorry you're having a hard time sleeping. I hated whenever I complained about sleep, or being tired, people would say "sleep while you can". It bugged the crap out of me! I'm not dumb, I knew when Kynlee arrived that I would not get any sleep, but like you said, at least you will have a reason to be awake! Unfortunately comments like that don't go away once she is here. I've learned sometimes people just want something to say to you, and advice is the first thing they want to give, even though it may bug you to no ends =) Hot tea and a book helped me sleep ;)

Janelle Flint said...

I LOVE YOU!!! Vent away sweetie. It's your body, your pregnancy, your hormones, YOUR pain. Thanks though for sharing it with us so we can cry with you, laugh with you, and PRAY for you!!! Wishing it wasn't so snowy this morning and I would drive over to your house and love on ya! God bless you today with peace, rest and joy.