Project 365: Day 75

3 photos to share tonight....

This one J took yesterday, but I wanted to share it as well.... we are all packed and ready to go!

Remember my nesting/ocd post? Well I went out for hot chocolate with my dear friend Janelle.. and that sugar hyped me up a bit... so I got home and tackled Elah's clothing... Her closet has 0-3 months on the left and 3-6 on the right. Her changing table has nightgowns, newborn-3months sleepers, all her newborn clothing, and 0-3 onsies (and diapers ofcoures). Her dresser has 0-3 and 3-6 pants, 3-6 sleeprs, bibs, diaper covers, hats, and her towels and washcloths... on top of the dresser are baskets of socks, paci's, teething rings, and hairbows. Her cube shelf has diaper inserts, swaddlers, blanket sleepers, shoes, and a few other things I can't think of. Her shelf above the changing table has all her cloth diapers (prestuffed), and wipes wipes wipes! Then there is a 3 drawer dresser in her closet full of blankets and receiving blankets.... wow! I'm allllll ready to go now! And everything is organized JUST the way I want it! So ha! Don't make fun! Oh... and the point of all that was to show this picture of her bigger clothes that will go under her crib... I even labeled them. You can thank my mother for my OCD organization skills!
 And last, but definately not least.... Elah! Ok.. she's not actually here yet... and I'm not sure you can even tell... but she's hanging out on the left side of my belly. Can you see how it's lopsided? It looks more lopsided in real life then in the picture.... hmmm... And this is proof that I can no longer see my feet. Oh joy!

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