2 weeks or less...

Justin and I decided to go on a little "date" today... why you ask? If you read my previous posts, I'm 38 weeks pregnant today... well in 30 minutes I'll be 38 weeks and 1 day, LOL! Which means that in 2 weeks or less (hopefully not more than that, ugh) Elah will be in my arms! So we though it'd be nice to have our last date before we become parents, however, it didn't really feel date like. We tried a restaraunt called Papa's and Beers... I wasn't all that impressed to be honest. I've heard GREAT things from friends about this restaraunt, and the food wasn't that bad, but the service was awful, and it was incredibly claustraphobic (sp?) where we were sitting which isn't fun when you're NOT pregnant... not a good experience. We were also planning on going to see a movie but when J checked the weather forecast we had a chance of snow, and we decided to just go piddle around town for a little while instead of watching a long movie... I was afraid we'd go into the movie with a clear day outside and come back out with white on the ground. But in reality, nothing happened weather wise today except for the fact that its COLD!

I've been having menstrual cramping off and on for about 2 weeks now, nothing consistent, and when it is consistent it's continuous like real menstrual cramping so it's not something you can time. Today on the way home from town I started having back aches too, but once I started walking into our apartment that went away. So I'm totally bummed, I thought something might actually be happening!

We went to mom's house to see her and dad and we even brought our Wii Fit Plus over so we could play it with them (ofcourse before we even set it up they both said no and dad headed to the William's Christmas party... which is all of my Granny's siblings and relatives). I was hoping to hula hoop/kung fu chop/step aerobics Elah out! Well guess what. The batteries died in my Wii Fit board and we didn't have any other batteries to replace them. Ugh. Ofcourse! So much for that idea!

Tomorrow is the makeup day for our church's Christmas music production... it got snowed out last week. I'll be attending that with my parents in the morning, and I will LAUGH if I go into labor during that because Janelle has a solo and she has to sing in BOTH services lol! I kind of doubt that will happen though. Wishful thinking.

I am incredibly ready... I'm ready to meet my daughter and I'm ready to officially start our family. I know I say this over and over.... but seriously. I'm FREAKING ready! Sorry for so much rambling but oh well. It happens. Happy 38 weeks to me!

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