Growth Spurt...

Ok... seriously. Elah HAS to be going through a growth spurt. I have eaten so much food today... and not ANYTHING even relatively healthy. I can't even believe it.... and yet I'm sitting here eating the last few pieces of pizza we had in the fridge. I'm embarrassed to even admit what I've actually eaten today, but I don't think you'll understand what I mean unless I share.

I didn't eat ANYTHING this morning... mornings are not fun to be honest, I'm starting to backtrack and feel nauseus every morning again. Eating just makes it worse, so I usually drink a ton of water and then eat a late lunch instead. So I went to Asheville with Janelle and her mom Brenda... we went to Arby's and I got a LARGE Roastbeef sandwich (like the biggest one they have) w/a large fry and a huge Dr. Pepper (my newest craving.... I LOVE Dr. Pepper). Couple hours later we go to Huddle House with my inlaws for my mother in laws birthday.... I wasn't going to eat, just go to celebrate... Ugh. I looked at the menu and couldn't resist. Shame on me! I ordered a waffle w/strawberries and whipped cream, hashbrowns w/jalapeno and a hot chocolate. Nice combo huh? I can't believe I did that. NOW... I'm eating pizza. I'm going to have to live off fruit and vegetables tomorrow to make up for my lack of nutrition today. WTH is wrong with me? I'm seriously disgusted with myself.... ew.

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T B said...

I am so insanely jealous of all the food you're talking about. I say, go for it! I have been on a stupid GD diet and it makes me want to cry with all the small portions and boring food choices I have to make! I have to live vicariously through other preggos :) lol