Cloth Diapering

So about a month ago I was reading some posts on the Cloth Diapering board that I've been reading and posting on since I started thinking about cloth diapering... and one day there was this HUGE uproar about a segment that this woman did on Sposies vs. Cloth. These women were LIVID! I watched the video, and although I have yet to actually use my dipes on a baby (because duh, Elah's not here yet) I was a little upset myself!

Click HERE to see the first video.

This woman got so many comments and emails about how offended and distraught cloth diapering mama's were about her and the pediatrician's biased opinion on cloth diapering. So this woman took the challenge and guess what? She's hooked... there are so many articles and people out there who dis cloth diapering... when it really isn't gross or hard. I know my mom is one of those women... but I'm planning on proving her wrong ;-)

Click HERE to watch the new video.

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Christa said...

So, I had heard about the first video, but honestly hadn't seen it. Having seen it now she was EXTREMELY biased. Diaper laundry is by far the easiest. No folding to it or anything. She says she couldn't imagine doing more laundry...well I already do so much laundry I don't know how she would even notice the extra loads. I don't!
Also, I have used disposables as you know, and I must say I don't think that how often you change your child has anything to do with the least not for my kids. Madison and Tyler both started developing rashes at 1 year of age. I didn't notice any connection between how often I changed them and their rashes. So, I switched to cloth. After putting the cloth diaper on Tyler about mid-afternoon he was rash-free before bedtime.
I love my cloth diapers! People shouldn't knock it without trying it.